How To Store Furniture Properly

Published on 2017-04-19
Furniture, although typically big and sturdy, can be easily ruined.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your furniture looking as good as new while you leave it in your storage unit!

The first step to keeping your furniture clean, is to clean it. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? But you want to be sure that you do it properly. That includes knowing what it's made of, because different woods and fabrics can react differently to certain chemicals and cleaners. The first step to cleaning it is getting rid of the dust. Be thorough, get in all the nooks and crannies. Then, give it a good scrubbing using the appropriate cleanser. For fabric, you can let the piece sit and soak for a bit to get rid of stains. Finally, after rinsing it if necessary, let it dry completely before you store it.

For easy transport, take some time to disassemble your furniture. That means take legs off of tables and couches, remove drawers from dressers, planks from bedframes and bookcases, and anything else that's small and will make for easier handling. Stay organized by grouping, wrapping, and labeling everything you remove.

After you've done the first two steps, cover and protect your things. Bubble wrap is great for this, you can use it for anything that could break easily, such as picture frames, mirrors, lamps, or even chair and table legs. When you cover your furniture, though, try to avoid plastic covers. It sounds like a good idea, but really, it'll just lead to condensation and damage. Instead, just use cotton covers, sheets or blankets. Make sure these covers are the right size, though. You don't want it too tight, or too loose, and you also want to avoid tripping hazards.

Last step, plan how you'll arrange everything in the storage unit. You do want to save space, but that's pointless if your items end up being damaged. It's best to leave a bit of space between each item, which allows air to flow freely, preventing damage. It'll also help make it easier to remove things later on without having to take everything out.

These 4 steps might not seem like a lot, but if you take the time to do them, you'll end up being grateful and your furniture will thank you!